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Hot air balloons pamukkale

We are so excited to be in a hot air balloon pamukkale!!

When I first received my itinerary from Hot air balloon pamukkale. for my trip through the Baltics I skimmed it quickly, city tour here, nice hotel there, cooking class here, bog walking tour there…. bog walking tour? What the heck is that I thought? I would soon learn on my trip and love it…. but as I kept going down the list the thing that got me the MOST excited out of everything on the list was taking a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!! I would be going hot air ballooning for the first time in Pamukkale!


What is looks like hot air ballooning over Cappadocia 

Because here have a diffirent area, from balloon you can see Hierapolis, Laodikya Pamukkale travertines and more, with Pamukkale Balloon

it’s so chipper they price starting from 140 EUR.


Floating above the Pamukkale

Our flight was with Pamukkale hot air balloons, an awesome hot air ballooning company in pamukkale that does flights over the pamukkale travertines where we went and also over the city of denizli and a few other places. When we took off we luckily had another balloon going at the same time so we were able to take pretty pictures of another balloon flying next to us as well.

Getting the hot air balloon ready for take off - Hot Air Ballooning For the First Time

Pamukkale Balloons help the crew blow up our hot air balloon

Watching the crew lay out the balloon and getting it blown up was really cool to watch. We soon learned however that our pilot did not speak much english, however he knew enough to tell us when to get in and when to get out and I think thats about all you really need to know in this instance. Honestly everything else can be figured out through hand gestures.

The night before our flight I didn’t sleep much as I was a bit anxious for some reason. Even though I have taken a million flights and a few helicopter rides in my life, for some reason I still had my apprehensions. However as soon as we took off that all went away. It was so calm and smooth, it was as if we were hardly moving. Aside from the off and on loud roar of the propane cylinders firing to keep us in the air and the beep of the altimeter it was a very peaceful experience. That was until I remembered that we still had to land the darn thing… however this also turned out to be quite smooth and easy.

hot air balloon over Lake Galvė in Lithuania - Hot Air Ballooning For the First Time



There were twenty of us plus our pilot in our balloon, squished in snuggly with just enough room. Our flight took off from a random field up-wind from the Hierapolis area located in the beautiful Pamukkale Historical National Park. It was early morning with a heavy fog just lifting which gave us some spectacularly epic scenes to capture and Ancient City was as still as could be. It was almost fairy tale like.


floating over a farmers field in Lithuania - Hot Air Ballooning For the First Time


soaring over Lithuania in a hot air balloon - Hot Air Ballooning For the First Time

After about an hour or so of soaring and up and down over the clouds and fog our pilot began searching for a nice place to land. This is when I then realized that since hot air balloons can’t really steer in any particular direction and they just float along with the air streams that they also don’t always have a designated landing spot. Or at all. Ever. They just find a piece of land that looks clear, hope for the best



Charles from JayWay Travel gets his hair burnt in a post-hot air balloon flight tradition

Our hot air ballooning experience in Pamukkale wasn’t over yet though. We were then told about a hot air ballooning tradition after ones first flight. Apparently over 35 years ago in turkey

the black box in a hot air balloon - Hot Air Ballooning For the First Time

The contents of a hot air balloon’s “black box”. Very important.

Other people that were with me who had hot air ballooned in other parts of the world had never experienced this before either so perhaps it was part of a Lithuanian tradition, who knows. However it was all in good fun and we all got to celebrate afterwards with a nice glass of champagne.


To learn more about my experience in the air and to see this baptism by earth, fire and champagne.

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